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The mission of the Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council is to link corporations and government agencies with Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) to foster business development and expansion.


A diverse and inclusive environment where economic success is achieved.

Our History

The FSMSDC was founded in 1975 by the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Miami Progress Foundation for the purpose of fostering the development of minority-owned businesses throughout South Florida. Central to our mission is the principle that networks and relationships among and between minority businesses and corporate and government buyers build businesses.

The Council's main function is to register and certify minority-owned businesses. The process ensures that these businesses are 51% minority-owned and operated in accordance with the guidelines set by the National Minority Supplier Development Council.

The FSMSDC is one of 23 regional councils affiliated with the NMSDC. In order to more effectively carry out its mission, the FSMSDC provides support to corporate members and MBE affiliates from our headquarters in Miami as well as key locations throughout the state of Florida. Our service area includes the entire state of Florida.

Board of Directors

Team Members

Beatrice Louissaint

President & CEO

Southern Region/Main Office

Tricia-Anne Ramsay

Communications Manager

Mayra Hernandez

MBE & Corporate Services Specialist
(Recertification & Subscription Services)

Moya Bailey

FDOT Project Consultant, Southern Florida
Districts 4 & 6

Lucy Moore

Finance & Business Administrator

Stuart Combs

Certification Manager, Southern Florida

Yasmeen Ferrera

Executive Assistant

Krysten B. Deidrick

Administrative & Special
Projects Coordinator

Lener "Leo" Coira

FSMSDC/FDOT Administrative Specialist

Central/Northern Region

Johanna De La Cadena

Regional Vice President,
Central and Northern Florida

Mark G. Jackel

FDOT Project Consultant Central Florida
Districts 1, 5 & 7

Kenneth E. Taite

FDOT Project Consultant, Northern Florida
Districts 2 & 3

Miami MBDA Business Center

Marie Hyppolite

Center Director

Jorge Iglesias

Senior Business Consultant &
Construction Specialist

Tim Thompson

Business Consultant &
Disaster Preparation & Recovery Specialist

Stephanie Toribio

Office Manager

Orlando MBDA Business Center

Kimberly Rosier
Jean-Louis, MBA

Center Director

Russell L. Spears

Business Consultant &
Disaster Preparation & Recovery Specialist

Evelyn M. Lebron

Business Consultant

Jasmin Branchcomb

Office Manager