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MBE Spotlight

MBE Spotlight

Astra Supply Chain provides all types of transportation options including time-specific transportation utilizing a combination of multi-modal services. Whether your needs are for same-day, next day or deferred service, their Specialized Transportation Network with Choice Partnerships will provide LTL, truckload, air freight, road feeder, or intermodal services to meet your specific needs. Astra understands what you need. At ASTRA, they know how to deliver your shipment on time in the fastest, most economical way, allowing you visibility every step of the way. Astra provides customized, managed solutions for all logistical needs.

Contact Name: Sharon McTurk
Title: President
Phone: 888-883-4538

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Interactive Blue, LLC is a telecommunications engineering firm that encompasses data, voice and video communications. Established in 2003, the firm provides services in four areas: outside plant engineering design, enterprise IT consulting, telephony expense management and remote-site technical resources. Interactive Blue serves a diverse range of clients, including professional services firms (law offices, insurance brokerages), healthcare organizations (medical billing, hospitals, blood collection agencies) and telecommunications carriers. Major clients include AT&T, Level 3 and MasTec.

Prior to forming Interactive Blue, President Robert Mena worked with the operations and engineering team for AT&T, holding various titles including Engineer, Project Manager, Capacity Manager and Network Operations Manager.

Instant access to resources (data, co-workers, clients, vendors, sales and technical information, family and friends) is a necessity in today’s world, whether it’s through Facebook, Instagram, corporate cloud services, company servers, instant messaging, email, video or the old-fashioned telephone call. Interactive Blue is positioned to assist both carriers and business customers in meeting the ever-expanding requirement for instant access through multiple mediums, be it wired or wireless connectivity.

Interactive Blue has a flat organizational structure, empowering each team member to contribute insight on any internal or customer-related topic. The team’s multicultural background provides a dynamic resource pool of ideas. Trust is core to this corporate design; it is understood that the company’s goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships with its clients and its employees.

SFMSDC has had a major impact on the growth of Interactive Blue, which has been involved with the Council since 2009. In 2010, Interactive Blue strengthened its commitment by joining the MBE Input Committee. Mena was fortunate enough to be selected as a participant in the Partners in Business Progress Mentor Protégé program. He says his mentor was an invaluable source of information and helped create defined business processes that are still in place today. He cites the Council’s networking events, in particular the PowerNets, as a great opportunity to meet corporate decision-makers. Through SFMSDC’s partnerships with other diversity programs across the country, he earned a scholarship to Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business, Minority Business Executive Program. Participation in this program allowed Mena to learn from Ivy League professors and other minority business owners across the country.

Contact Name: Robert Mena
Title: President
Phone: 305-421-7501

American Medical Depot (AMD) is a leading healthcare master distributor and the leading provider of medical surgical supplies.  AMD is a company that uses technology and insight to provide smarter ways for all of its clients to source and purchase medical supplies.

While AMD's focus is and always will be innovation, it is their commitment to understand their partners’ needs that will continue to fuel AMD’s growth as one of the nation’s leading diversified medical equipment companies.

As they expand into new markets, thier value-add model, deep industry experience and leadership will continue to redefine what is possible by delivering smarter, more cost-efficient turnkey solutions for underserved and emerging commercial markets.

AMD is a longstanding major medical surgical prime vendor to the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and other leading healthcare providers such as Baptist Health, Broward Health and others.

Accountability. Dedication. Quality. Results.
American Medical Depot's business was built on four guiding principles. They believe in Accountability to their clients and to each other. AMD is dedicated to job creation and creating a fun environment that fosters innovation. The compnay delivers excellence, strives for continuous improvement and responds vigorously to change. Each team member is responsible for the Quality of whatever they do. Finally, AMD believes in Results. They are in the business of creating positive outcomes for their clients and partners.

Innovating since 1993.
Founded in 1993 by brothers Akhil and Sukrit Agrawal, AMD has grown from its humble beginning in a small industrial park into one of the nation’s leading diversified healthcare supply distributors. While the company's reach and capabilities continue to evolve, their commitment to thoroughly understand their partners’ needs and create innovative solutions will always serve as the guiding principles behind all that they do.

Today, AMD has nearly 200 employees and multiple offices and distribution centers throughout the United States.

Difference People - From the company's leadership, to their customer service, to their repair technicians, the entire AMD team is devoted to one thing: the long-term success of its clients and partners.

Technology - AMD uses innovation and technology to build custom strategies that complement the
organizational strengths of their clients and partners.

Culture - AMD was born from a culture of accountability. They believe that businesses of all sizes can benefit from innovative thinking and superior service.

At a glance

  • Founded in 1993
  • Headquartered in Miramar, FL
  • One of nation’s leading diversified
    healthcare distributors

By the numbers

  • 350,000 products
  • 2,000+Suppliers
  • 180+ employees

Their business

  • Comprehensive line of products,
    equipment and services designed to
    increase speed, reduce errors and
    proactively respond to customer needs
    in real-time.

Distribution centers

  • AMD has multiple distribution centers
    that provide nationwide service at
    industry-leading freight costs

Contact Name: Jose Silva
Title: Senior Account Manager – Florida Region
Phone: (786) 605-0782


Miami based Gilly Vending is one of the largest and fastest growing woman-owned minority automated vending company in the country. Founded in 1983 by Gilda Rosenberg, the award winning company is at the forefront in both product selection and technology within the vending industry. The company provides cutting edge vending solutions that leverage the latest advances in vending  to drive business growth and profitable results while adhering to strict standards of quality and service to the delight of their customers.

Through their precision vending services, Gilly Vending offers a multitude of snacks, beverages, dairy products, and fresh foods. The company is also a leader in the Healthy Vending market and leads the way to promote smart choices with their Alonzo Mourning Healthy Beverages & Snacks Awareness Campaign. Gilly's healthy selections countrywide includes all natural, organic, gluten-free, whole grain, vegan, kosher and various locally sourced snacks and beverages. The company success is dependent on tailoring automated vending provisions to the unique needs of clients while squeezing efficiency from every corner and responding expeditiously to their client and member’s needs.

The company embrace the American entrepreneurial spirit by leveraging a wide network of strategic business partners that deliver the Gilly model of cost effective, customer-focused vending services across the country and abroad.  

Vending is an art, and at Gilly the art is on the cutting edge  In keeping with the core concept of using automated vending machines while on the go, the company's new Mobile Pay option is fast becoming the consumer's payment option of choice. Additionally, the company is rapidly increasing Hi-Tech Interactive Machines with digital marketing capabilities to its high five-figure nationwide inventory.

Gilly Vending is also cognizant of its social responsibility and as permitted by its resources, cheerfully supports various local not-for-profit and charitable organizations that like Gilly Vending, are committed to improving the quality of life in our communities.

The company's mission is "with unparalleled passion and relentless commitment! ... what can Gilly do for you?"

Gilly Vending was awarded the 2011 SFMSDC Supplier of the Year Award, The 2015 Top Business (small) of the Year Award by The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and numerous other business/community awards.

Gilly Vending Inc. Wins Coveted 2015 Chamber of Commerce Award

Contact Name: Gilda Rosenberg
Title: President
Phone: (305) 924-8058

Pride Technologies is proud to be ranked as the Largest Minority-Owned Staffing Firm, and the 5th Largest Minority-Owned Company, in Crain’s New York’s 2013 Diversity Report.

Pride Health's mission is to treat our stakeholders better than anyone in thier industry by attracting, equipping and retaining the best individuals who will work as a team achieving corporate objectives. Stakeholders include clients, employees, temporary workers, vendors, investors and others.

Unique Workforce Solutions

Traditional staffing is just the beginning. Temporary, Contract, Per Diem & Direct Hire staffing solutions are only part of what PRIDE Health can do for you.

Pride Health can help your company to:

  • Reduce costs
  • Increase productivity
  • Spend time on your revenue-generating activities
  • Streamline complex operational

Their exciting full-service options include:

VMS: Manage order distribution, consolidate billing and enhanced reporting capability that outperforms manual systems and processes.

BPO: Increased flexibility in resource management and reduced response times to environmental changes; freeing Client-Partners to focus on their core competencies.

Pride Health also customizes Payroll Solutions to give clients a solution they can trust and peace of mind knowing that this labor-intensive activity is running seamlessly.

Their Payroll Solutions include:

  • Proven processing methodologies
  • Processes contractors as W-2 employees of Pride Technologies or as ASP's (sub-tiered suppliers)
  • Full disclosure pricing strategy
  • Open-book accounting philosophy
  • Web-based processing and payroll services for client's professional contingent workforce
  • User-friendly dashboard that allows you to have instant access to any data you need

Contact Name: Jose Silva
Title: Senior Account Manager – Florida Region
Phone: (786) 605-0782

Keylite Power and Lighting Corp. provides Industrial, Commercial and Residential electrical and technology services. Formed in 2007, Keylite has grown to become one of Florida’s most respected electrical and technology systems infrastructure contractors. Keylite's clients include Fox Sports, Miami Children’s Hospital, Verizon, Jackson Hospital, Miami-Dade Public Schools, Miami-Dade Airport Authority, Verizon Wireless, Comcast and many others.

When you work with Keylite, you know that your expectations will be exceeded — they are commited to every customer. Whether it’s a simple alarm system, or a complex network, Keylite is capable and equipped.

Keylite's services include: New Commercial Construction • Office Buildings • Data Centers • Outdoor Security Lighting • Structured Cabling/Telephone, Data/Network, CATV/Video Drops • Troubleshooting Circuits • Lighting Design • Outdoor Service • School, Hospital, Airport Sports Facility Institutional Wiring • Service Conversion • Parking Lot Lighting • Marine Lighting and Power • Grounding, Lightning Protection

Contact Name: Angel Munoz
Title: Business Partner
Phone: (305) 232-9910

Engineering and construction for electrical transmission, oil and natural gas pipelines, renewable energy and wireless networks.

Over the course of the last 80 years, MasTec has been involved in some of the largest and most complex infrastructure construction projects across the country. The company’s experiences has given it a deep and comprehensive understanding of the markets it serves, as well as the ability to effectively manage people, projects and equipment. With offices across the country, a workforce of nearly 10,000 skilled professionals, and an extensive wholly-owned fleet of specialized construction equipment, MasTec has the resources needed to reliably deliver quality work for even the most complicated jobs.

Mastec is a contractor that engineers, procures, constructs and maintains the infrastructures that enable electric transmission and distribution, oil and natural gas pipeline, and communications companies to successfully facilitate the production and delivery of the company’s products -- from the source to their customers. From extra high voltage transmission lines and cross continental oil and natural gas pipelines, to renewable energy, wireless towers and microwave backhaul systems, Mastec’s deep industry expertise, extensive resources, and continual focus on innovation allows them to provide end-to-end services on time and on budget, every time.

Company Highlights:

  • MasTec is ranked #3 in the "Top 600 Specialty Contractors" in the country by
    Engineering News-Record
  • MasTec is ranked #2 in the “Top 500 Hispanic Businesses 2011” according to

Contact Name: Ben Gilbert
Title: VP Business Development
Phone: 305.599.1800

Florida Fire Safety has been serving Florida for more than 10 years catering to industries and the general public with high-quality products, exceptional customer service and knowledgeable and efficient service technicians for all your fire protection needs.

Their team is continuously working to enhance its existing product line and aid the general public in business and family safety. Florida Fire Safety recently added a Fire Sprinkler service division to its services. They continued to grow by running on the belief that "quality" pertains as much to the way they treat you, as it does to the products and services they offer.

Contact Name: Mirta Morales
Title: President
Phone: (305) 278-9042

Founded in 1992, SDI International Corp (SDI) is a global firm that specializes in procurement process outsourcing, managed service programs (MSPs), independent contractor compliance programs, business process outsourcing, and project management. One of the largest woman-and-minority-owned corporations in the United States, the company is a long-standing service provider to IBM, Dell, Office Depot, Motorola, Lenovo and other key players across multiple industries. SDI offers full or partial lifecycle procurement service; among them Procure-to-Pay, Source-to-Pay and fully automated Vendor Management Systems.

SDI empowers businesses to realize tangible cost savings through scalable productivity improvements. The company’s scalable services integrate into your existing portfolio to drive efficiencies and eliminate unnecessary waste. SDI gives you the tools to achieve mission critical functions that produce bottom line growth and strengthen your business model. As a globally recognized supplier of procurement and workforce solutions, SDI is uniquely positioned to meet all of your domestic and international business needs.  SDI's core competencies span supplier management and managed services programs, including independent contractor compliance, recruitment and payroll services.

Certifications: ISO 9001:2008, SOC Type 1 and Type 2, EIC and CPUC compliant.

Company Highlights:

  • Over $1.7 Billion in customer procurement spend managed
  • Worldwide operations, with 24/7 coverage
  • 31% reduction in process cycle times in one of our Fortune 500 customers
  • Sustainable, repeatable cost savings in customer deployments
  • Expanding business coverage to include South Africa in 2014

Contact Name: Conchie Fernandez
Title: Director of Business Development
Phone: 954-938-5400

Cube Care Company is a full-service manufacturer and supplier of decorative products for healthcare and commercial interiors, with a client roster that includes some of the largest healthcare facilities in the nation. With a team of designers, engineers and installers, Cube Care manages the entire curtain lifecycle for customers, bridging the gaps between curtain maintenance, to manufacturing, to installation – the only company in the U.S. will all these capabilities in-house. This unique all-in-one approach gives customers confidence that they are receiving the highest quality decorative products, tailored with precision to their needs, with service that exceeds the highest expectations.

Products: Privacy Curtains, Cubicle Curtain Tracks, Shower Curtains, Drapery, Custom Bedding, Disposable Cubicle Curtains, Cart Covers, Window Coverings such as Shades, Mini Blinds, Faux Wood Blinds and Verticals.

Company Highlights:

  • CUBE CARE  is a finalist in the “2014 Good To Great” Awards
  • CUBE CARE  was awarded the SFMSDC/NMSDC’s 2013 Regional Supplier of the year
  • CUBE CARE was recognized as a 2013 Florida Companies to watch recipient
  • CUBE CARE was presented as the STATEWIDE Minority Manufacturer by the US Dept. of Commerce

Contact Name: Susana Robledo
Title: Founder & CEO
Phone: 305-556-8700 (TollFree: 877-556-6477)

GDKN Corporation is a global services firm with employees in 47 states in the US., Canada, South America and Asia. GDKN has been in business since 1993. The Company's primary services include: Staff Augmentation; Custom IT Application Software Development;Off-shore IT Development, Support & Maintenance; Near-shore Customer Contact Center. GDKN's clients include several Fortune 500 and public sector clients in industries including but not limited to Healthcare, Manufacturing, Banking and Financial, Oil and Gas, Electric Utilities and other energy services, Engineering, Aeronautics and Defense. Their staffing division supports competencies needed in Medical, IT, Engineering, Finance, Professional, Sales & Marketing, Administrative/Clerical, Customer Service and Light industrial skill areas.

Company Highlights:

  • GDKN's IT services division developed several new systems/products in 2013 - PRM; TVMS; ERMS; QIMS; EAMS; HRPMS; TEEMS
  • GDKN's Staffing Division was awarded 'Premier Supplier' status by Manpower Group in 2013
  • GDKN Corporation was awarded the NMSDC's 2013 National Supplier of the Year Award
  • GDKN extended its reach Globally by opening up offices in South America and Asia this past year

Contact Name: Jay Narang
Title: Executive Vice President
Phone: 954-985-6650 X247

Garrie Harris is President of Alpha1 Staffing/Search Firm, which has more than 600 individuals in its contract staffing workforce. Alpha1 Staffing’s services include recruitment, assessment, training, development and career management, outsourcing and workforce consulting. Clients include Humana, Citibank, the State of Florida, Miami-Dade County, Broward County, the City of Miramar, South Florida Workforce and Grace Foods. The company’s biggest achievement has been securing a 5-year contract with Miami-Dade County. This contract will allow Alpha1 Staffing to have a great impact in the community by providing jobs to approximately 500 local residents.

Hightowers Petroleum Co. (HPC) is ranked number 10 on the Black Enterprise BE 100 list with sales of more than $300 million. HPC is a full-service Licensed Motor Fuel Dealer and a Public Utilities Commission of Ohio contract carrier. HPC operates nationally to deliver gasoline, diesel fuel and alternative fuels to its customers such as Ford Motor Company, Duke Energy, The Kroger Co., Waste Management, Mashuda Corporation and Ryder Systems. Founded in 1984 by Stephen Hightower and building on a family business established in 1957, Hightowers Petroleum was launched via a strategic alliance with oil giant BP Oil in early 1985. The company is headquartered in Ohio with offices in Miami, New York, and California.