Ann Marie Sorrell Wins 2023 Ultimate CEO Award

Ann Marie Sorrell Wins 2023 Ultimate CEO Award

After being laid off at a real estate company, Ann Marie Sorrell took $200 to register The Mosaic Group, her new event planning and marketing firm.

“I had zero experience, zero mentors,” she recalled. “But I knew it was something I wanted to do, and I took a leap of faith.”

Almost two decades later, the award-winning marketing agency serves private and public corporations, government entities, small and medium enterprises and nonprofit organizations. Growth came through relationships she built by being a “super volunteer” with the Urban League, the Black Chamber of Commerce and other nonprofits and boards. 

Sorrell’s resilience and determination have led The Mosaic Group to become an integral part of South Florida’s business landscape and be recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as an Ultimate CEO.

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