Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses
Designed to help business owners grow their companies, the 10,000 Small Businesses curriculum includes a wealth of one-on-one advice, clinics and networking opportunities.

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Office Depot Office Max Small Biz Club
Small Biz Club is the premier destination for small business owners and entrepreneurs. To succeed in business, you have to constantly learn about new things, evaluate what you’re doing, and look for ways to improve—that’s what we’re here to help you do.

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Disaster Recovery Toolkit

Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP) are complex documents that contain a wealth of information about the IT operations of an enterprise, yet they must present that information in a format that is easily consumable during an actual emergency.

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  1. Business Resources
  2. Business Information
  3. Agencies with Procurement Websites
  4. Government
  5. International Trade
  6. Newspapers/Magazines
  7. Minority Organizations
  8. Disaster Recovery Information
  9. Partner Leads
Our mission is to link corporations and government agencies with Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs) to foster business development and expansion.

The Gateway Council

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