The Flying Classroom Celebrates the Employment of 15 Graduates

The Flying Classroom Celebrates the Employment of 15 Graduates

The graduation was featured on WSVN 7 News 

A group of newly minted grads are ready for takeoff as they set their sights on the next chapter. The students spent 12 weeks learning everything about planes from maintenance to operation at Barrington Irving Technical Training School, an adult training program under The Flying Classroom.

The school based at the Opa-Locka Airport is owned by Captain Barrington Irving, a world record-breaking pilot who at 23 was the youngest person and first black pilot to fly solo around the world. “Opa-Locka  Airport is where I got my start. I came to this airport with three holes in the bottom of my shoes and ended up flying around the world,” said Captain Irving.

Now, he’s extending the same opportunities he received to these students, some of whom have had troubled backgrounds and decided to change their lives.

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